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Filling Out a UK Tax Return for Sole Trader

Filling Out a Tax Return Online for Sole Trader Self Assessment

Filling Out a UK Tax Return for Sole Trader


Are you one of those people, who needs to fill out a Tax Return, and have decided that you are going to do it yourself?

Have you given it a date in your calendar, when you are going to do it? Have you got a checklist together for preparation? Have you allocated time for when you are going to do the preparation?

If you're anything like most people, who decide to do their own returns, then your answer was 'Yes' to the first question, then 'No' to the rest. Which more often than not leads to tackling it on the date that you were given to do it by, which is the SUBMISSION DEADLINE, 31st January [for Online Filing].

As a result, you are probably not in a funny mood at all.


This is no surprise, because now you have multiple pressures on your own shoulders, with a big-hungry deadline.

  • You are trying to sort something, that you do only once a year, so you forget how to do it by the next time you need to do it; 
  • You have not prepared for it
  • You have not given it a date, in respectful distance from the submission deadline
  • Therefore this is the first time you are about to figure if you'll need to pay any tax,
  • And that is Days, Hours or Minutes before it is due to pay.

Regardless your cashflow situation, this is a lot of pressure to deal with.

Certainly not good for your health!

Neither it is good for your business' or your cashflow forecast's health.

As a result, you'll be likely to associate FILING A TAX RETURN with HELL, and wait another year, to recover, before you do the same mental self-harming all over again.

We're inviting you to identify your contribution to creating this scenario,

take action, and choose to end this vicious circle, for good.

There's many way to do this.

Today, we're providing you with this article and a video which is designed to become part of your preparation process.

You can watch, stop, re-play, take notes of it; save the link, re-visit, etc etc. Until you are completely happy with all segments of your Tax Return.

The beauty of filing a Tax Return online is that, you can start, stop and save.

Therefore, there's absolutely no reason, why you should try to do prep, info-collection, info-input, and filing in the same calendar Month, let alone on the same day. 

We're inviting you to think of tackling your Tax Return a whole-new way!

Why not put a note in your calendar & a reminder NOW, for the next 6th April, to invite yourself, to log into your Government Gateway Login, and Start your Tax Return. 

Go on, this costs you nothing & will take only a minute!

Put your Government Gateway Login details into this reminder. Preferably test them now, before putting them in. You'll have to do this Once in the next 12 months, so why not do it now and take the pressure off your mind?

When the 6th April comes, do as your reminder says, and just log in & start filing your return.

Just fill out your name, address etc, '2 Tell Us About You' page, and then save it. And Exit.

This will give you a painless experience to associate with your return, and you'll be A LOT MORE LIKELY to



Not to mention the fact, that if you follow through, you will be well aware of what (if any) tax is due to pay on or by the 31st January.


Yes, but how, I may hear you ask. Well, take a look at the video below. Pop over to YouTube,

(Give it a like) and 'Add To - Watch Later' list. This can show as a clock-icon on the top-right of video screen, or written out on bottom left below the video screen & control buttons.

This way, when you're back to your youtube account next, you'll have it saved on both your History & your Watch Later list. 

You'll find your way back to this blog, via the link below the YouTube video.

You'll also find more useful blog-articles when you come back later, that may help you even more to a higher degree by the time you're ready to actually commit to completing your return.


See, you've already taken 2 more steps to prepare to complete your return, and have a better idea of a date in your calendar, as to when you may complete your next return. Then, you can enjoy January a lot more!

For now, Take a look at the video, and see if it helps you familiarise with the subject early-on. Help you break the ice, by seeing it being done quickly by someone else in front of you, with some explanations. 

Never Know, it might just works.

Of course, to keep video-time down, it is a very quick version, based on a very straight-forward example. But remember, you have Pause, Rewind, Replay options, to take longer at parts you may require to.

I hope this will help you repair your relationship with Filing your Tax-Return.

If your case is not covered by this straight-forward example, take a look amongst the rest of our videos & blogs that are released after this; or drop us a line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask any questions you may have. We'll be delighted to assist you with your enquiry. 

Thanks for Popping By!



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